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Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: Why does my candle jar sometimes turn black at the top?
A: The black is a result of carbon, which a large flame produces due to lack of sufficient oxygen in the air. To keep a candle burning perfectly, the wick must be trimmed to no more than 1/8" in. to 1/4" in. throughout the candle life. The candle may be burned for several hours without trimming. We suggest that the wick be trimmed before each lighting. Burning a candle for longer periods of time can cause a wick to produce a large black clump, otherwise known as a mushroom.

Q: What is the best way to trim the wick?
A: The best way to trim your wick is to use snips or scissors.

Q: Will my candle lose it's fragrance if I leave it uncovered?
A: No. Here at Beautiful Works for You, we thoroughly mix all of our fragrances within the wax prior to pouring. This insures an even and consistent distribution of all the scent throughout the wax, and that all the fragrance is captured within the candle.

Q: What type of wax do you use?
A: When making our container candles, we use 100% soy blend wax. This blend allows for the maximum scent possible.

Q: Have there been tests for health affects with fragrances added to candles?
A: Yes. Extensive health and safety tests have been conducted on fragrance materials. These tests include results for both toxicology and skin problems.

Q: Do scented candles emit dangerous amounts of toxic pollutants in the air?

A: No. A properly burning candle will produce both carbon dioxide and water vapor. These are the same materials we all inhale and exhale everyday.
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